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Direct Mail Marketing Services

With today’s culture focusing more and more on online services like automated bill pay and email, direct mail marketing has become a thing of the past for many businesses. However, this often overlooked form of advertising and brand awareness is an ace up the sleeve for many of the largest companies in the world.

The Benefits

Personalize Your Ads Like Never Before

Sending letters or flyers in the mail might sound like an outdated way of getting new customers, but it allows businesses to reach their clients on a personal level that you can’t get with email and online ads. Whether you’re following up on a transaction, running direct mail marketing in conjunction with an online ad campaign, or advertising your seasonal promos, you’ll find that you have an easy time reaching your target audience.

Your options for personalization are only limited by the creativity of our ad creation team. Simple Impact Media has a history of creating striking ad campaigns, both online and offline, that sell clients not just on what you have to offer, but on your brand itself. We work with you to bring your ads to life with eye catching color and images, a teaser headline that gets clients interested, concise sales copy, and a great call to action that encourages readers to reach out to your business.

With direct mail advertising campaigns, you’re often more likely to see conversions since you are targeting an audience that has already used your product or service, or one that is more likely to respond to your brand.

Cost Effective

Affordability Means Scalability

It might seem like a costly process to send physical mail directly to each of your clients, but this is a completely scalable system; the more clients you’re sending to, the lower your cost thanks to bulk processing and flat rate shipping. Not to mention, once you’ve chosen a design and format that works for you and attracts your target audience, the process becomes highly simplistic both in design and implementation.

At Simple Impact Media, we’ll help you to bring your ad designs to life in print, create simple and engaging copy that interests your target audience, and handle the postage so that you can be sure your marketing meets your clients when it counts.

Get Started

Don’t Let Your Business Fall Between The Cracks

Potential customers spend all day every day being bombarded with ads in one format or another, and it can be difficult for a business to make a lasting impression on their clients because of this overexposure. By sending direct mail advertising to your clients, you’re not only promoting your brand, but you’re also reminding your customers why your business is better than competing options. Direct mail also makes it easier to track your conversions so that you can see the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in a straightforward manner.

If you’re ready for a simplistic marketing strategy that uses compelling CTAs, allows for creative design and formatting, and provides an easy to track conversion rate, you’re ready to invest in direct mail marketing strategies for your brand. Call us today to learn more about how we can create a memorable direct mail series that gets the right reaction from your clients.

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