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How to Create Successful Marketing Campaigns

The aim of any great PPC strategy is to grow your business and your revenue. PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is an intensive process, but it is one that many online and local businesses turn to in order to increase traffic to their sites. Working with PPC not only takes an agency that knows how to navigate through the ad creation process, but one that can give you reasonable expectations for your ad budget.

Advertise on Other Sites

Display Ads

One of the most well recognized forms of PPC is the display ads. These ads appear within the text on other sites and even in apps. From banner ads to pop ups to video ads, display advertising elements are meant to grab a user’s attention.

This form of advertising is most often cost-per-click or pay-per-click in nature, so it can be a budget friendly option for any brand that wants to dip their feet into the water of online advertising. And because these ads appear just about everywhere online, you’ll be sure that you’re expanding your brand reach and recognition while also bringing in more traffic.

Advertise on Social

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is on the rise and a lot of businesses are taking advantage of this form of advertising in order to improve their brand loyalty and recognition. Social media ads appear on just about every platform, from Twitter to YouTube to Reddit. In some cases, users might not even immediately notice that the content they’re reading is an ad, making this form of marketing that much more effective.

Social media is a powerful engagement platform, through which you can interact with your users on a more personalized level than ever before. Facebook ads in particular have a wide reach and deep impact on potential clients because they allow your business to appear where more than 1.5 billion users are active every day.

From Click to Close

Creating a Marketing Funnel

There are far more pros than cons to using PPC in your marketing campaign. For instance, if you’re on a tight budget but you NEED to increase your traffic in order to be able to spend more on your marketing, Pay-Per-Click services are a great way to squeeze more value from your ad dollar. You’ll only pay for the clicks that you get, rather than paying for any number of running ads at the creation stage, so you’ll only be paying for the marketing that actually drives users (and traffic) to your site.

PPC is often used to create an effective marketing funnel. As the top of a funnel, a well designed ad is a great way to attract new visitors to your site. These visitors are just getting to know your brand. This stage of the funnel is highly important because without this initial level of visibility, you aren’t able to continue the process of building trust with users and eventually converting these leads into paid visitors for your business.

The more your ads come into contact with users online, the more recognition you’ll get for your brand. Imagine seeing the same ad for a local carpet cleaner every time you watch videos on YouTube. The next time you need to have your carpets cleaned, you’ll probably think of that company, whether you use them or not. As your brand recognition increases, so too does your traffic and, eventually, your sales. Because you’re only paying for the clicks through to your site, you’re always assured of getting value in traffic, sales, or brand awareness.

Better Results

Why Work with Simple Impact Media

Ads are a core part of any marketing campaign and advertising funnels, as well as being a cost effective option for new businesses to build trust with consumers. Through the use of PPC ads, we’ll help you perfect a sales funnel that converts leads to real customers, and to monitor your ad spend and ROI in order to gain further insight into the shortcomings and major wins that your marketing dollar is earning.

PPC and social media ads might not be rocket science, but it does take an experienced hand to create effective ads that convert. Whether you have a vision of an ad that you think can bring in visitors to your site, or you have no idea how to start marketing your business, talk to our ad experts to learn more about how we can help grow your business online.

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